mardi 9 juin 2009

pommes libertines - richard conte

last thursday evening the gallery celebrated the opening of its first-ever photography exhibition. after richard conte described his collaborative process working together with the gardners of versailles at the park balbi and showed me the performance that preceded the photographs (videos of both are shown at the gallery), i had to admit that those juicy erotic apples were far too irresistable! a wonderful little book "les pommes libertines" accompanying the project with images of the apples and texts by emmanuel pierrat is also available (editor: bernard pascuito).
besides the obvious cider and apple juice, arletty abadi concocted a fresh apple, ginger and cucumber juice and prepared apple chips with cinammon salt for dipping into special apple-based wonders.

what's more, wallpapering the gallery had always been a secret fantasy of mine and when richard suggested we wallpaper the exhibition space to better bring out the 'pommes libertines' with their pristine white backgrounds, i was enthused to say the least! the exhibition will be up until mid-july so i hope to see you all there.

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